Impact PlasmaMade even..

Impact PlasmaMade even surprised the creator

The black round filter is standing on the table during our interview. At first glance, it doesn’t look like an object you ascribe unprecedented opportunities to, but the filter of PlasmaMade is unique in the world. The technique and name are patented by the company from Staphorst, and the world is rapidly experiencing the benefits of this innovative filter: clean air, easily accessible for everyone. The filter recirculates air. Smells, bacteria, pollen and other substances that we would rather not breathe, can be converted into clean air and CO2. The filter is simply placed on the hood, an outlet on the outside isn’t necessary. “That last aspect gives kitchen designers and homeowners unprecedented freedom.” declares Martin Van der Sluis, founder of PlasmaMade and inventor of the unique filter. “Taking the outlet into account is no longer necessary.”

The story of Van der Sluis on the origins of PlasmaMade, the developments of the past three years and its unique perspective on business, makes his invention even more special. “When I started development three years ago, I never imagined that this would be the end product and that it would have so many uses. I simply wanted to develop something that my son would help with his asthma. In the course of time, I bought all kinds of expensive appliances that promised to purify the air.

All of these devices use chemical principles, which also occur in nature, but are nowhere combined. There were also plenty of technical challenges in bringing together these techniques, but it worked.”

The technical story is as follows: the airflow is blown into the PlasmaMade air filter and detected by a sensor that automatically turns the filter on or off. Depending on the amount of contaminated air, a quantity of ionized plasma injected. This extracts oxygen molecules from the contaminated air, so that carbon dioxide and water vapour remain behind. A glass fibre filter that is activated by the electrostatic filter ensures that dust particles are attracted and eliminated. The minimal particles that are released during this process, are then decomposed by ionized plasma. A carbon filter provides additional filtering.

“The techniques occur in nature too, but all together we produce more polluted air than nature can purify.” says Van der Sluis. “Compare the air coming out of the Plasma Made air filter with the air after a thunderstorm: completely pure.” According to the entrepreneur from Staphorst, the hood only needs to be turned on a few times daily for fifteen minutes to purify the air in your home completely.

Martin van der Sluis believes in KISS: ‘keeping it stupid simple’. “The filter is plug and play, anyone can install it. It costs 749 euros and can be installed on new and existing hoods. ” Recirculation saves in energy costs, the filter makes no noise and lasts as long as an extractor hood. Kitchen manufacturers are very enthusiastic by all those advantages and are making sure now that the PlasmaMade air filter becomes the standard. The product is sold in 32 countries and we continue receiving requests for new applications. Van der Sluis: “For example, the filter can potentially mean a lot for transporting fruit and vegetables in containers. There has been asked of me to propose a solution for these containers, because the filter also removes ethylene gas. That gas is responsible for the rotting of fruits and vegetables. If we can drastically reduce the loss margin during transport, it would have enormous implications for the environment. These consequences I had obviously never imagined when I wanted to develop a device that combined all air purification techniques.”

The motto ‘keeping it stupid simple’ applies not just to the simple installation of the filter. Martin Van der Sluis applies it to every part of its business. “First of all, this means that PlasmaMade is completely transparent. Everything can be found on the website. Thanks to this transparency, PlasmaMade requires only one employee. She isn’t disturbed by phone calls during the day, because the site answers all questions. I have also chosen to outsource production. The filters are made by Variass in Drachten.”

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