PlasmaMade conquers..

PlasmaMade conquers the world with a small team

It is a dream that everyone has: introducing an invention that is so revolutionary that it conquers the world. Martin Van de Sluis from Staphorst invented the PlasmaMade air filter. Within one and a half year, the product is for sale in 32 countries. And that’s just the beginning.

PlasmaMade is the company of Martin Van der Sluis and his wife Janita. Eighteen months ago, Martin introduced his PlasmaMade air filter: a device that you install in the extractor hood, but can also be used, for example, in an office. Those that don’t like cooking, can still turn on the hood. The machine cleans the air inside the house in an instant. And an outlet isn’t even necessary.

Together with his brother Kenny, Martin worked five years to develop the invention. The object, the size of a large cookie jar, not only removes cooking odours, but also body odour, cigarette smoke, viruses and pollen. The applications are endless. The filter, which has been extensively, scientifically tested, is already available for sale in 32 countries. PlasmaMade builds 150 filters per week. A new production hall is now being built in Staphorst.

The filter works with plasma. This gas that destroys iniquities, occurs when oxygen is electrically charged. First step in the air-cleaning process is that an electrostatic filter at the outside of the shaft deals with solid substances contained in the air flow: those are burned. Then, the plasma destroys everything else that’s been blown into the hood. Steam, dust, pollen, bacteria, odours, it doesn’t matter. You can fry bacon for over an hour on high heat and you won’t smell anything within fifteen minutes after the extractor hood is turned on. Martin invented the machine because his son has asthma and there were no capable air purifiers on the market. He has patented his invention.

Kitchen companies from around the world stand in line in order to sell the filter. One company even offered him half a million euros for his invention and exclusivity. Martin gently refused. “This invention is for everyone. It is not about the money, it’s just about doing business. How can I operate as many countries as possible with only a few employees? That is the challenge, and it’s not achievable by thinking about money. Smart and controlled entrepreneurship, that’s what counts.”

This gas that destroys iniquities, occurs when oxygen is electrically charged.

Do not reinvent the wheel for each country. “We ensure that we work with well-established importers who know the country and its culture. They know exactly what they should and should not do. “Martin is everywhere at fairs to make contact and expand his network. The PlasmaMade is already so famous that importers often come to him. He also makes use of a self-employed worker, a so called global manager, who finds importers, makes contacts and who gets a percentage of the deal.

Ensure regular customers, fixed prices and transparency.
The Staphorster company only delivers to importers and not to individuals or traders. The price paid by importers is fixed, and is the same for everyone, be it big or small companies. The margin that importers and traders receive is also fixed, so the global consumer price is more or less the same. “Everyone also knows the prices of the competition. The entire ladder in prices is transparent.” says Van der Sluis. “Importers buy the filters from us and should sell them to the consumer on their own. Under our conditions. There is no contract. If they do not want more, we contact a different importer. The same applies if they do not meet or respect the conditions. “You can sell them. But you don’t have to.”

Maintain control. PlasmaMade sells its filters not only under strict conditions, but also in a limited order size of thirty or sixty copies. Therefore, an importer cannot start “dumping” the filters on market, endangering the fixed pricing structure. Even the largest importers in the world only receive sixty at a time. “Of course, we get requests from partners who want a thousand filters. Sorry, but we just don’t do that. Therefore, the global sales are completely managed, controlled and driven by a small team from Staphorst.”