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PlasmaMade redefines the image of extractor hoods

Some extractor hoods are beautiful, but many consumers buy one without having any knowledge on how they work. With PlasmaMade’s arrival there’s a great reason to talk about this subject. It’s time to upgrade your hood. The last few months, PlasmaMade has been growing rapidly in the Netherlands but has also been exploring ways to expand its business abroad.

By Maarten Zegstroo

Martin Van der Sluis proudly shows us the visitor results of his website. It immediately becomes clear to Redaction KBT why Van der Sluis is so proud: his website keeps attracting more international visitors every day.

It is of KBT’s opinion that Van der Sluis is a great addition to the kitchen industry as a Product Engineer. Not only is he the developer of the beloved PittCooking (which he already sold some time ago), his PlasmaMade filter also deserves a standing ovation.
It’s clearly going to win some awards, since the product is praised from all sides and earns a lot of credit. A real innovation to the kitchen branch!

Clean air

Van der Sluis warmly received us at his office in Staphorst. He explains us, in colours and scents, what the PlasmaMade filter is and what it does.

Van der Sluis: ‘The PlasmaMade filter is specially designed to purify and clean (cooking) air. The airflow is set in motion when you turn on the extractor fan. The air is blown into the PlasmaMade air filter. The airflow is detected by a internal sensor that automatically turns the filter on or off. The airflow, containing contaminated air, is efficiently purified by the right amount of plasma up to 1.000 m3.’

Theoretically, it sounds like a bit of gobbledygook, but Van der Sluis thought of everything. A clear YouTube video explains what the filter does, and how it can be installed.

Get rid of your allergies

Van der Sluis: ‘My son suffers of quite a lot of allergies, so we’ve combined our minds together and thought about whether and how we could resolve his issues. ‘
Van der Sluis has been using a PlasmaMade filter for quite a while now, and has received numerous positive comments and compliments from his friends: ‘Your house smells so fresh.’.

Van der Sluis: ‘PlasmaMade is an important innovation for people who are prone to bad air and allergies. The great thing about our invention? It can be installed in new extractor caps, but also in existing ones. On top of that, if a consumer can’t afford it at this very moment, he can still purchase and install a PlasmaMade filter when he has the means to buy one.’

To be frank: Redaction KBT isn’t the most convenient at home. But after seeing Van der Sluis’ YouTube video, we were convinced that even we are capable of installing the PlasmaMade filter. And there’s also the strength of his product. It’s suitable for new appliances, but can also be used to upgrade or renovate existing set-ups. PlasmaMade seems to be in an ideal position.

Van der Sluis: ‘Fragrances, scents, pollen, allergens, fat and other coarse impurities are filtered from the air. Simultaneously, the electronic filter is activated. All dust particles are attracted and then eliminated. This is the most effective way of air recirculation.‘
The electronic filter burns all dust particles, so to speak.’ We can’t express it any easier.

TÜV certificate

There are plenty of aspects that make PlasmaMade special. It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise if we tell you that the company has enjoyed quite a lot of cheering moments already. Van der Sluis is most proud of the TÜV certification.

‘We’ve been working a long time on it. It’s an enormous strict procedure, but it’s extremely important if you want to become known and recognized internationally. That’s why we are extremely proud of it. We really felt like: ‘Look at what we have accomplished.’

We work with electricity, and a combination of electricity and moisture may sound a bit scary, but the TÜV certificate proves that PlasmaMade is a safe product. The filter can even be used in bathrooms.

A gold mine

Two years ago, the kitchen industry got introduced to PlasmaMade. It immediately became clear that the PlasmaMade filter could become a huge success. Van der Sluis:

‘Thereafter, we were asked to work exclusively with a number of companies. But that wasn’t what we wanted, what we were aiming for… we wanted the freedom of offering our product everywhere. To anyone who needed it. At the beginning, it cost our company a lot of money. The development was very expensive, and didn’t calculate my own wage. But I’m convinced that my decision will repay itself. And at this rate, it shouldn’t take long.’

And repaying seems to have begun gradually. Van der Sluis: ‘The price does not scare off people easily. The PlasmaMade filter costs 749 euro, but with it you always have fresh air in your house. The quality hood doesn’t let a lot of sound through, and the PlasmaMade is very powerful. Actually, there shouldn’t be any reason anymore to leave the extractor hood turned on all day. Moreover, this is recommended in general.

Upgrading the extractor hood

The PlasmaMade filter proves to be a huge upgrade for any extractor hood.
As mentioned earlier, the filter is not only suitable for cooking. It’s also capable of filtering and cleaning sweaty air, making it applicable for some B2B contacts such as gyms, sport schools and/or hospitals. ‘We’ve been making some changes to the original model for some of our Business To Business contacts. In any case, we’re not done developing. The fact is that the filter is very broadly applicable. That’s why we all can be very proud.’ states Van der Sluis.

PlasmaMade at LivingKitchen.

PlasmaMade has a stand at LivingKitchen in cooperation with Dekker Zevenhuizen, WKP and PittCooking. For those who have not yet been in contact with PlasmaMade and want to have more information, LivingKitchen is the perfect location to go by.